How to get instant and automatic translation into Italian (or other languages) of messages in Whatsapp

If you often communicate in chat with foreign people who speak in languages ​​we don’t know or if we want to know the precise meaning of what is written so as not to misunderstand anything, you can put the translator on WhatsApp to translate messages instantly.

It then becomes possible chat on WhatsApp by getting the translation of messages into a foreign language, quickly translating our responses and those received from distant friends or relatives abroad. This can be done either for Italian as well as for English, French, German and any other language in the world.

In the following guide we will show you how do you put the translator on WhatsAppusing Google Translate or other instant translation apps (which can be integrated into WhatsApp and other apps) available for Android and iPhone.

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1) Google Translate (Android)

To put the translator on WhatsApp we can rely on the app Google translator on Android devices.

After adding this app to our faithful phone, open it, press on the profile picture at the top right, press on Settingswe press on Tap to translate and let’s enable the voices Tap to translate, Mostra icona floating e Automatically translate copied text.

Now that the translator is active and present as a floating icon (and as a system notification) all we have to do is open the WhatsApp app, go to the chat where there are messages in English, press and hold on the message, press on the top right on the three dots, press on Copy and open the Google Translate floating icon or system notification.

An overlay window will open with the copied text and the text translated from the language detected by the systemso that we can effectively translate any message received.

2) SwiftKey

Alternatively we can use the free app SwiftKey to automatically translate the messages we write into the desired language. Microsoft Translator works real-time in SwiftKey, supports 60 languages, and works with every chat application.

To use this method we add the SwiftKey keyboard to Android come on iPhonelet’s open it like default keyboard on our phone, we open the chat with messages in a foreign language, press on the icon with the two arrows at the top left of the keyboard, press on Translator, we choose the languages ​​and paste the copied message to obtain a translation of the message received just now; we can obviously also use the keyboard to send a personal message in the language of our interlocutor.

3) iPhone Shortcut

If we want to translate the message into a foreign language from the iPhone we can also avoid downloading additional apps or keyboards and rely exclusively on Quick commandsalready available on any iPhone and definitely very convenient to use to quickly translate from WhatsApp or any app.

To proceed, let’s open Safari and connect to the site RoutineHub Google Translatewe press on Get Shortcutwe then press on Configure quick commandlet’s dig Italian in the column of language entries (each row a language), we press on Avanti and finally up Add Quick Command.

Now all we have to do is open the foreign chat on WhatsApp, hold down the message to be translated, press on Forwardthen down Shareselect the command Google Translate in the sharing window, select your language Italianprovide permission to access messages and confirm to obtain the translation into Italian.

For further information we can read our guide to Automated Shortcuts on iPhone to add.


When you now open a chat in WhatsApp we can translate messages into foreign language copying them and using one of the methods seen above, taking advantage of the most powerful and free translators available in the world (i.e. Google Translate and Microsoft Translate). While waiting for WhatsApp itself to integrate the translation functions, we can chat freely with English friends of other languages ​​without linguistic obstacles.

To learn more we can read the guides above How to use Voice Translator and translate simultaneously come on how to translate writings with the camera in real time (Android and iPhone).


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