Intel, the news on Raptor Lake Refresh and Meteor Lake revealed by a leak

Time for home updates Intel. After the name change for some processors (with even the farewell to the now iconic “i”), new rumors arrive on the processors’ release period Raptor Lake. The debut shouldn’t be that far away, also because some motherboards compatible with these chips are already on the market.

To launch the rumor is the leaker ECSMwhich on Bilibili (strictly in Chinese) revealed that the update of the processor line, therefore the launch of the Raptor Lake, it will be there in october, globally. Then even Intel itself provided some clues in unsuspecting times: the company from Santa Clara, California, has recently started modifying the packaging of the Intel Core i9-13900K and i9-13900KS, making them – at least in appearance – less premium. A clear sign that a new generation of CPUs is just around the corner.

According to the leak, Intel will handle the launch of Raptor Lake in two waves. The first, scheduled for October, will be that of the CPUs of the serie K, or those ideal for gaming and, more generally, for operations that require high performance. The second (concerning CPUs instead no-K) should debut between November and December, in time for the holiday season. Should this be the agenda, the presentation of the Raptor Lake processors at the event should not be ruled out Intel Innovation which will be held on 19 and 20 September this year.

Although who knows what improvements in terms of performance compared to the previous generation are not expected, with Raptor Lake Refresh Intel will introduce at least one new processor, with a configuration based on 8 P-Core and 12 E-Core. It could fall somewhere between the latest generation Intel Core i7 (8 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores) and the latest Core i9 (8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores).

The rumors end with information (not confirmed, of course) about Intel CPUs Meteor Lake: made with a 7nm production process, they will arrive only and exclusively on laptops and other mobile devices. Finally, the launch is almost certain for the 2024.


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