Intel turns on telemetry in graphics drivers.  NVidia and AMD do it too

With the latest update of the Intel graphics drivers for Windows, the Santa Clara company has introduced the novelty of telemetry. Enabled by default, this is a feature that collects data about you in the background technical characteristics of the PC along with some specific information.

Intel explains that the data collection it is useful for improving the functioning of drivers and enabling technicians to detect and fix any problems faster. Joining the program Computing Improvement Program (CIP) is optional. However, if you opt for thetypical installation for drivers designed for Arc GPUs, telemetry is enabled by default.

Data collected by Intel graphics drivers

By activating the CIP program, Intel provides to “rake” some data on the device in use, just by leveraging the graphics driver that you installed. The company discloses that it notes and combines the following information:

  • The categories of websites visited by users (URLs are not counted or logged).
  • The ways in which the computer is used (frequency and duration of the various applications, typically used RAM, battery life).
  • System information about your device (such as processor model, memory, video card configuration, operating system, software versions, language and regional settings).
  • Information on other devices in use within the network (UPnP devices and information on devices that broadcast their presence).

Intel clarifies that in any case not all the information that can facilitate the collection is collected personal identification of users such as your name, email address, IP address, and MAC address.

How to disable telemetry in Intel graphics drivers

We have already pointed out that by selecting the typical installation, the Intel drivers for Arc video cards enable it by default telemetry. To prevent this from happening, simply select thecustom installation and uncheck the box corresponding to the feature Intel Computing Improvement Program.

Intel Arc Graphics Driver Telemetry

How NVidia and AMD fare

In current driver versions Adrenalin, AMD allows the deactivation of data collection in any case, at the end of the installation procedure. Regardless of the choice made by the user (typical installation, drivers only or custom), the Sunnyvale company allows you to disable telemetry with a simple click.

In the case of NVidia, on the other hand, the company does not provide an integrated procedure in its drivers to disable telemetry which appears to be active in any case (at least since November 2021). Anyone wishing to remove this feature can download and run the popular Autoruns software with administrator rights.

Inside the card Everything of the interface of Autorunsjust click on the search box Filter then introduce the term nvidia.

As a final step, that’s it remove the check mark from all the services indicated in the list starting with \NvTmdove Tm stands for Telemetry. Once the operation is complete, just close Autoruns and restart your PC. NVidia telemetry is now disabled.


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