Internet Archive victim of DDoS attack, most services offline

Internet Archive victim of DDoS attack, most services offline

The site of Internet Archivefamous for maintaining a database of historical and no longer accessible web content, has been hit by a massive DDoS attack.

Apparently, the attack occurred over the past few hours and for an unspecified period of time, the site was offline. At the time this article was written, the platform is slowly recovering operations, even if several services related to it are still unavailable.

The official Internet Archive accounts announced what happened X e Mastodon.

Internet Archive and the seemingly senseless DDoS attack

At present, technicians are working to recover the inactive sections of the site and, very soon, the Internet Archive should be fully recovered.

According to what was stated by Brewster Goodsite administrator, has been there a tough battle with the attackers which, in the end, seems to have led to a good outcome. At the moment it is not known the reason for an attack on the service, given that it is a project non-profit. In this regard, in fact, also the site Hacker News took a harsh stance towards those who organized the DDoS attack, defining such action as “Set fire to a library“.

This type of campaign, in fact, is often focused on a company or entity that is asked for the payment of a sum to end the attack. The Internet Archive project, however, does not fall within the canons of the usual victims of cybercriminals and all this makes the intentions of those who organized this campaign even more mysterious.

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