If we are without electricity due to a blackout, what solutions to connect to the internet from a PC.Surf without electricity Among the worst scenarios we can come across when we work on the PC certainly stands out is the absence of electricity, most of the time due to a blackout of the electricity grid at a local, regional or national level. Compared to a few years ago we can still continue working on the PC even during blackouts but we must be equipped in advance for to be able to withstand blackouts lasting a few hours (approximately up to 6 hours).

In the guide that follows we will show you the best methods to be able to surf the Internet from a PC without electricity avoiding as much as possible the use of fixed computers (the most exposed to blackouts) and combining the laptop with some useful tool to compensate for the lack of connection through the fixed network modem (which will remain off for the duration of the blackout).

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Use a laptop

To be able to surf on a PC even without electricity, we will have to rely on a laptop, taking care to always leave the battery and the power supply plug connected (on older models) or to leave the USB power supply connected until the moment of blackout. (on new models, where the battery is fixed and not removable).


A modern laptop with a Windows 11 or Windows 10 operating system can be fully discharged in 5 uninterrupted hours of work; if, on the other hand, we have an Apple MacBook, most of the time we will exceed 8 hours of autonomy, even during the most intense work sessions.

Unfortunately, only with laptops is it possible to continue working on the PC even in full blackout; on fixed PCs we can only plug the blackout using UPS or uninterruptible power supplies. These devices supply electricity for a few minutes, which is the time it takes to save the drafts and the work we were doing and shut down the computer regularly.

To choose a good laptop that can survive even the longest blackouts, we recommend reading our guides on how to choose a mac and how choose a Windows laptop with Mac-like performance.

Create a hotspot network from your phone

Once the computer has been fixed, we need to find a method to replace the modem: it is also powered by the mains and in case of blackout it will not be possible to surf the Internet from the landline. Fortunately we can use Wi-Fi hotspot from any modern phone be it Android or iPhone.

Hotspot Wi-Fi

Taking advantage of the hotspot function that can be activated on Android come on iPhone we can connect the laptop to the wireless phone and use the mobile data network to surf the Internet, using a part of the Giga provided by the chosen operator.

Usually, this is a viable route if the blackout concerns only the street or neighborhood in which we live; if the blackout is more extensive (for example at city or province level) it may not be possible to browse even in hotspots given that cellular radio transmission antennas could also be victims of the blackout.

Use a battery-powered modem

If the blackout is programmed directly by ENEL (for the work on the infrastructure) and we know precisely the time and end of the work, we can maintain work continuity by charging the laptop battery to the maximum and getting a portable battery-powered modem with LTE connection.

Battery-powered modem

Using this small modem with an active data SIM we can create an efficient hotspot network, to which even more Wi-Fi devices can be connected. Power is provided by a rechargeable lithium battery, which typically provides connectivity for up to 10 hours. The best portable modem models we can buy are:

  • TP-Link M7000 Mobile WiFi (43€)
  • Tenda 4G185 Wi-Fi 4G (45€)
  • D-Link DWR-932 Pocket Hotspot 4G (48€)
  • Calonny Mobile WiFi Portatile Hotspot 4G LTE (54€)

To use one of the modems seen in the list, let’s get one SIM data only insert it inside the modem and, as soon as the power goes out, turn on the device and connect to the Wi-Fi network generated by it (configurable with name and password at will).

Use a solar modem

Among the most useful devices that we can use to browse the Internet from a PC without electricity, the solar LTE modem that can work continuously 7 days a week thanks to a rechargeable battery and a small solar panel that recharges it continuously.

console modem

By choosing a solar modem like the OBA-RP01 4G (149 €) we can surf the Internet in a similar way to the portable modems seen above; in fact, it will be sufficient to place the modem in an external point of the house where there is sufficient sun exposure, insert the SIM inside the modem and start surfing with the Wi-Fi hotspot network provided.


With the advice presented in this guide, not even blackouts can stop our productivity in front of the computer! If we are particularly exposed to this problem, it is advisable to always and only use laptops and, at the appropriate time, to take advantage of the Wi-Fi hotspot connection generated by the mobile phone, by the portable LTE modem (the famous “soap”) or an innovative solar LTE modem ( to always be connected).

Those who want to learn more can read our guides to Best 4G LTE portable routers and there methods to connect in Wi-Fi without ADSL.


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