Internet without telephone and landline: possible solutions

Offers, options and possible solutions to have internet without a telephone even without a fixed wired line

Internet connection Many users think that to have Internet at home it is necessary to have a landline telephone connected to the telephone socket or to activate a fiber optic connection inside the home. Nothing more wrong!

More and more operators are offering Internet without telephone and landline, so as to be able to connect to the network even in homes without a telephone socket or in municipalities where only ADSL is available (by now to be avoided, given its slowness).

These kinds of connections are great for those who live in small towns or hamlets, where the only way to have internet is to take advantage of long-distance wireless connections, without going through the fixed wired telephone line.

In all cases it is important not only to check the offers available, choosing according to the convenience of the moment, but also all the possible advantages and disadvantages in terms of internet speed and connection quality. Let’s find out closely the best offers available for Internet without telephone and landline.

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Wireless connection technology

If we cannot connect to the home telephone line, there is no socket in the house and direct optical fiber (FTTH) is not available in the municipality or in the hamlet where we live, we will necessarily have to use the wireless connections to connect to the Internet.

Over the years, operators have expanded the technologies to be able to connect more and more people to the Internet, even those who live in remote municipalities or far from large inhabited centers (where the Internet is always available). The technologies mentioned in the following list are used to broaden coverage and overcome the “digital divide”:

  • FWA: the latest technology that combines the speed of the optical fiber (up to the antenna) with the wireless connection capacity, carried through dedicated radio frequencies (often LTE but also 5G). These types of offerings are sold as “fiber over the air” or “wireless fiber”.
  • LTE: LTE frequencies assigned for the purpose or borrowed from mobile telephony are used to offer a stable and fast enough connection, especially where the signal is very strong.
  • WiMax: the most promising technology but to date little used, since it is necessary to have the antenna nearby (visible as the crow flies) to be able to navigate at maximum speed. This type of connection is offered in a few municipalities where there is a dedicated antenna.

These technologies are offered both by operators specialized in wireless connections (i.e. they do not offer other types of contracts or connections) and by traditional operators (TIM, Vodafone etc.), who therefore combine the fiber optic offers to the FWA offers (in the municipalities where ‘is wireless coverage).

Best offers without a telephone line

The advantage of choosing a traditional operator with a wired line is to have a stable network with very high speeds (especially with a fiber optic connection). When we choose a wireless operator or an FWA offer we will connect wirelessly to an antenna more or less distant (or more or less crowded), with all the consequent defects in case of bad weather or a saturation problem.

Not to be overlooked, then, the advantage of having a very efficient assistance service, or in any case clearly superior to the assistance service that a smaller company can have. Below we have selected the best offers for FWA connections or for connections without a telephone line.


One of the best offers to have Internet without a fixed line is TIM SUPER FWA, the dedicated TIM offer for all small municipalities or for fractions without optimal network coverage.
TIM By choosing this offer we will have Internal up to 40 Mbps in download and 4 Mbps in upload without limits (flat), dedicated FWA modem (with installation of the outdoor and indoor component), home telephony with a pay-as-you-go offer at € 24.90 per month.

If we want more speed we can activate the option Super speed, which at the additional cost of 2 € per month more (with the first month offered by TIM) we can browse up to 100 Mbps in download and up to 50 Mbps in upload.

Vodafone Casa Wireless +

Vodafone also offers a valid FWA subscription called Vodafone Casa Wireless +.
Vodafone By choosing this offer we will have Internal up to 100 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload without limits (flat), dedicated FWA modem (with Vodafone Station and any external antennas) and unlimited calls for € 26.90 per month, with the possibility of trying 3 months without deactivation costs and penalties.

If we want to save we can activate even the simplest Vodafone Casa Wireless, which at € 21.90 per month includes calls on consumption and 200 Giga as a limit on consumption for the new line.

WindTre Super Internet Home

Could not miss WindTre, which offers a FWA offer called Super Internet Casa.
WindTre With this offer we will have an unlimited wireless connection (flat) from 300 Mbps in download and 50 Mbps in upload and dedicated Wi-Fi modem at a cost of € 17.99 per month.

This subscription is restricted for 2 years, after which it is possible to cancel the contract without paying any penalty.

Aeolus more

One of the leading operators in the field of wireless and telephone line connections is EOLO, which provides the EOLO Plus offer.
EOLO With this offer we will have an Internet connection without limits up to 30 Mbps in download, EOLO modem with dedicated antenna, assistance included and unlimited calls starting from € 24.90 per month (the price changes according to the type of technology used).

If we need more speed we can subscribe to the packages Entertainment O Study and work, which unlock the connection speed up to 100 Mega in download or up to 1 Giga in download (always based on the type of technology available in the area), public static IP, optimization for gaming or video calls, 1 digital service of your choice and 12 months of Microsoft365.


One of the best operators for Internet without telephone and landline is undoubtedly Linkem, one of the first operators of its kind.
Linkem Linkem offers various offers for wireless connections: the best is undoubtedly the subscription version, which includes Internet browsing up to 100 Mbps in download, installation of the Linkem modem and super-fast activation at € 19.99 per month for the first 6 months (then € 26.90 per month).

Alternatively we can also subscribe to the prepaid version, which provides for the telephone line to be recharged every three months and comes with a starting price of € 99 every three months.

Other operators without landlines

In addition to the most famous telephone operators, we would like to point out, for those who want internet without a telephone, also the Internet offers of minor operators (who work as resellers):

  • Fastweb FWA: Fastweb also offers FWA coverage for some municipalities. It is therefore advisable to choose the best offer from the site, check the coverage and, if the abbreviation FWA appears, continue to be able to have Internet without telephone and landline.
  • Tiscali: the Ultra Wireless Internet offer includes Download speeds up to 100 Mega, with 4G + technology, installation and Tiscali Wi-Fi modem included for € 19.95 per month.
  • Beactive, which provides the Internet offer for only € 19.90 per month in promotion.
  • EhiWeb, with 100 Mega connection without a phone at a price of € 29.95 per month.
  • SìADSL, which offers Internet on ADSL up to 20 Mega for € 29.90 per month.

We choose the right operator for our home and start navigating at the maximum speed available, using the best access technologies if possible.


With new technologies we can surf the Internet at home even without a telephone socket or having to carry the optical fiber cable, using the new generation radio links (able to offer greater coverage and stability). Obviously the connection does not offer the same stability as FTTC or FTTH, but for small municipalities it might be more than enough to study, work or watch a good movie in streaming.

If we have already signed up for a subscription for one of these operators, it is worthwhile to make a good one immediately Internet speed test, so as to immediately check what speed we reach and what we can do with it.


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