invisible on Whatsapp Online privacy is the great totem of recent years, with websites and applications that do everything, except to maintain a certain confidentiality about our presence and our data.
As for Whatsapp, you may notice some difficulty in the hide and stay offline for a while, without turning off the phone.
While for other applications and sites it is rather easy to disconnect for a while and become invisible, on Whatsapp this is not possible, unless you interrupt the phone’s internet connection or if you uninstall the application.
Regardless of whether reading receipts are turned off with a blue checkmark or not, in the end, the sender can still be sure that we have read his messages if we have been detected online on his Whatsapp.
This is because when WhatsApp opens, our name is shown as “Online” in chat screens.

Officially, there is no solution to silence WhatsApp for a limited period of time.
Our friends on Whatsapp always know when was the last time we opened it and if a message was read.
In this article, we see however how to be invisible on Whatsapp hiding the last access, with and without downloading an additional app, without disabling the Internet and without silencing the mobile phone.

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The best solution to become invisible on WhatsApp, even if it may seem laborious initially, is to change some settings of the application.
There are three steps to do this: turn off Whatsapp ringtones without silently dropping the phone, delete notifications for new messages on the notification bar, stop Whatsapp from running in the background.

To turn off the Whatsapp ringtone without silencing the phone you have to go to change ringtones and put a silent one.
There is no option in Whatsapp to silence all notifications in a single click, the only one is to use a ringtone that is mute.
To do this, the easiest way is to record, using the voice recorder app, two seconds of silence (perhaps by placing a finger on the microphone) and saving the file.
In WhatsApp> Settings> Notifications, select our silent recording as notification tone and call ringtone.
This can be done on both iPhone and Android.

To disable WhatsApp notifications, go to the settings of Android, below> App > Open the app list > Select WhatsApp> tap Notifications and disable all notifications for WhatsApp, including also vibrations, popups, and any Led lights.
Now, when a message arrives from Whatsapp the phone will not only display anything, but there will also be no sound alerts.
This can also be done on the iPhone going in Settings> Notifications.
In this regard, read also: Mute Whatsapp and disable notifications on Android and iPhone

To prevent WhatsApp from staying active to send our status and receive messages, without putting Airplane mode and without disabling the phone’s internet connection, you can end the application.
Then go into phone settings (under the general Android settings)> App > Open the app list > Select WhatsApp and tap on the button to end it or force the stop.
Then also press to deactivate the Background data (inside the option Data Use) and, finally, revoke all the permissions of the apps for WhatsApp.

This “kills” WhatsApp entirely without uninstalling it.
However, as soon as Whatsapp opens, you will return to get messages, send blue checks and be online.

If you often want to open WhatsApp offline, to avoid all this inconvenient maneuver, you can install an application called Hide Whatsapp status although in the comments it doesn’t seem to work at all.

Another free alternative is Unseen for Android it works as an additional client to Whatsapp and allows not to send notification of reading messages.

To the honor of the truth, on Whatsapp it’s possible on Android than on iPhone, with I privacy controls in Whatsapp settings, hide the last access time.
It could, therefore, be said that it would no longer be necessary to install other applications except by disabling the last access and hiding it from the others, you will no longer be able to see the last access of friends.
To maintain this privilege, you will not have to hide your online presence on Whatsapp from the settings.
More details in the guide on like being offline in Whatsapp.

Another way to silence WhatsApp and become invisible is to use firewall apps like Mobiwol or NoRoot Firewall on Android which is free and does not require root permissions or unlock.
These types of firewall apps allow users to deny Internet connectivity to individual apps.
It is, therefore, possible to prohibit Whatsapp from connecting and downloading data, but leaving the phone active and functioning in all other functions.

To finish, if you want to be invisible on Whatsapp solo for one or more selected contacts with which you do not want to chat, you can enter their numbers in the blocked list.
As already explained, to block people and numbers on Whatsapp just enter the application settings on both Android and iPhone, go to Account> Privacy> Blocked contacts and add those from which you want to always be offline.
To unlock them just remove their names from the blacklist.

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