Invoices and scams during the Christmas period: how cybercriminals act

During the Christmas period i cybercriminali they certainly don’t go on holiday. For accountants of many companies, this phase of the year is characterized by intense activity, especially in countries where thefiscal year corresponds to the solar one.

To conclude their own as soon as possible reports, stabilire i budget of the next year and finish their work before the holidays, the staff may be subject to possible errors. What better opportunity for cybercriminals?

A real invitation for web attackers who, by sending false invoices addressed to random company employees, they hope with the amount to get a payment.

According to experts, this type of scams during the Christmas period are very widespread mainly because they go unpunished. Not existing potential legal consequences, for scammers it is simply a matter of “shooting into the crowd” and hoping to hit the mark. Not only that: working with low amountsfor many companies any legal action is not even convenient in terms of costs and timing.

Christmas period and fake invoices: here’s how to avoid risks

In reality, a little attention is enough to avoid falling into this trap. Cybercriminals, for example, usually send emails to employees randomly. If an invoice is received by someone who does not handle payments, it is, in most cases, an attempted fraud.

To overcome this obvious weakness in their strategies, cyber criminals claim in email messages that they have lost theright address and ask you to forward the address to accounting. This rather unprofessional behavior is also a clear sign that something is wrong.

The emails in question, then, are very vague and they do not make clear references to the products they deal with. In fact, these are texts created to cover the majority of possible companies and, precisely for this reason, the documents appear not very specific.

In this regard, companies can almost eliminate risks by using anti-spam filters advanced in the context of gateway of company mail. Constantly training company staff regarding the many online threats can make the difference when it comes to combating the work of cybercriminals.



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