iOS 17.2 confirms, there is a system to update sealed iPhones

Just towards the middle of October it was announced that at home Apple were developing a new system that would give employees truly incredible power. The Cupertino giant is in fact thinking about how to install the updates software on iPhones again sealed, so as to deliver them already with the latest version. In the last few hours the first beta of iOS 17.2 it would have provided some more clues.

Apple’s software release currently underway beta already confirms the existence of updates for iPhones still in the box. The company reportedly decided to invest in this system after being forced to backtrack.

The clear example was seen on day one of iPhone 15with many users ending up with a severe bug during configuration. Precisely for that reason Apple released the first update and it is now clear that with an update system like the one coming soon, everything can be avoided a priori.

Going into specifics, some expert developers have noticed some very specific frameworks within the iOS 17.2 Beta SDK, three to be precise. These are named FactoryOTALogger, FactoryOTANetworkUtils e FactoryOTAWifiUtilssupposedly capable of enabling wireless OTA firmware updates using a special external device.

Regarding this last tool, it is expected, as stated a few weeks ago, that Apple will rely on a pad very particular. Insiders will be able to simply place the device box on this thing to proceed with the update without taking it out of the box.

More news on iOS 17.2 and what’s coming

  • iOS 17.2 will add another feature to the Action button on iPhone 15 Pro;
  • Apple will debut a new iMessage verification mode with 17.2 beta;
  • 17.2 beta will include the brand new Journal app;
  • 17.2 will allow users to disable Apple Music listening history when Focus mode is enabled.


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