iOS 17.3 Beta 2 sends iPhones into boot loop: Apple withdraws the software

A few hours ago Apple released the second beta of iOS 17.3, downloadable as usual by all developers registered with the program offered by the Cupertino giant. As is known, betas can bring with them bugs and unstable performance (it is no coincidence that installing on the main device is not recommended), but no one expected such a disastrous outcome.

Within a few minutes, forums and social networks were flooded with reports of users who found themselves with un iPhone in boot loopor stuck on the loading wheel and therefore impossible to use. The problem is easily solved by installing previous versions of iOS 17 (the few available), but only for those users who can count on a previous backup.

iPhone Boot loop iOS 17 beta - Federico Viticci Mastodon

Apple withdraws iOS 17.3 Beta 2 after user reports

What happened in the space of a few hours it went unnoticed. Apple immediately took action and withdrew the second beta of iOS 17.3 (also iPadOS 17.3) from the Developer Center. And it can no longer be downloaded even via OTA.

The Cupertino giant will work throughout the day to resolve the bug and re-release the software in beta version, which is essential for testing the new features and – if necessary – finding other anomalies.

iPhone - Apple

Speaking of the bug, it seems to be related to the feature Rear Touchwhich many use to quickly open the control center, take a screenshot, and more.

The other betas

There shouldn’t be any problems with the second beta releases of macOS Sonoma 14.3, watchOS 10.3 and tvOS 17.3all regularly available for download.


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