iOS 17.4 brings problems to iPhones, the battery immediately runs out

iOS 17.4 brings problems to iPhones, the battery immediately runs out

Exactly last week, the new update from Apple officially arrived for users with an iPhone. iOS 17.4 brings some very interesting new features to the public, such as downloading apps from third-party storesuse mobile browsers as you like and by default, pay for in-app purchases using a third-party platform and much more.

Fewer but still very useful improvements have arrived on other markets, those outside of Europe. For example, by continuing to update to iOS 17.4, users can set the “Stolen device protection” in order to have an extra opportunity to make the thieves’ job difficult and above all to find the smartphone.

There are also many new ones emoji launched, 118 to be precise and there are some corrections bug and features that didn’t seem to be going great. However, it seems that there is a problem: the iPhones, after having carried out the update, they would have lost performance in terms of autonomy.

Do iPhones updated with iOS 17.4 last less? There are many reports

According to the various reports that are accumulating on the web, it seems that iOS 17.4 is literally draining the batteries of several iPhones. A user published a post on social media that talks about his experience: his iPhone battery apparently lost as much as 40% in just two hours of use. Another iPhone user claimed that his battery lost 13% after simply writing and posting two tweets about “X.” The case of another user who in just one night is incredible would have lost as much as 60% even if you don’t use your smartphone.

iPhone iOS 17.4 turn off and turn on again

There have been many posts reporting this problem, but apparently everything could be normal. iPhones may need some day to “digest” the new changes made by the update to iOS 17.4. The advice for users is to turn off l’iPhone e turn it back onthen ensuring that all applications are up to date.

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