iOS 17.4 for iPhone, when it arrives and what changes for users

A few hours ago Apple has officially released the fourth beta of iOS 17.4currently available exclusively for developers.

There are many important new features on board, including the already mentioned changes for Europe which will allow iPhone to respect the Digital Markets Act (DMA). In addition to this, there is no shortage of classic fixes for the most well-known problems already reported loudly by the community. Let’s find out what changes with this new release.

iOS 17.4 beta 4, main changes

One of the most important new features of iOS 17.4 are the changes to the operating system respect the DMA standard imposed by the European Union. Application management policies therefore change, with the possibility of installing software also from third-party stores.

In addition to this Apple also opens a external payment systems” a ApplePay and allows users to use a alternative browser to Safari which, however, will remain the default and will be consulted for all system functions that refer to web pages.

Another update concerns the welcome screen which will show a customizable page as you see fit, with your own photo for example, or with any other image available on theiPhone.

A “small” change which, however, represents another step towards one greater “flexibility” of iOS which becomes much more customizable and user-friendly.

With the launch of iOS 17.4, Apple is also paving the way for cloud gamingwith the possibility of using Xbox Cloud Gaming e Nvidia GeForce NOWeven if at the moment only from the browser.

Other news concerns some changes to the card Drumswhere it is possible to see it battery status of your iPhone. By entering this section from the next update it will be possible to view a overview of operation of the component with all the essential information positioned in plain sight.

Furthermore, Apple also announced that the batteries of its iPhone 15 they are much more efficient than expected, information that has nothing to do with the update to iOS 17.4 but which certainly represents good news for consumers.

As promised a few weeks ago, the Cupertino giant is also working on CarPlaywe begin with what is defined as a “renewed experience of the instrument panel”, with the possibility of easily changing the map display mode and that of systemmaking it much more integrated into your vehicle’s infotainment module.

In addition to this, CarPlay also gets additional features that allow you to view valuable information on the car’s status, such as tire pressurethe door locksil charging level of electric vehicleslo condition of the air conditioner and so on.

Naturally, these are settings that require particular sensors that may not be supplied with all vehicles. To find out more, it is advisable to consult the instruction manual supplied with the purchase of the car.

When iOS 17.4 arrives

As just said, beta number 4 of iOS 17.4 (build number 21E5209b) is only available to developers, but it should arrive for all beta testers within a few days.

The stable version of the new iOS 17 release is expected to be released to the public at the beginning of March.

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