iOS 17.4: new tool to check iPhone battery status

iOS 17.4: new tool to check iPhone battery status

Thanks to iOS 17.4for owners of iPhone 15 it will be much easier to monitor the life and health of your battery.

Thanks to the new software update, in fact, Apple has introduced a change in the submenu Drums dell’app Settings. This allows you to have, with a simple glance, everything you need to understand the current status of the batteries.

Before this implementation, iPhone 15 owners had to rely on the section Battery status and charging. This opened a screen with the remaining battery percentage. From here it was then possible to open a submenu (i.e Battery status) to be able to view other in-depth data such as charging cycles carried out, date of production e date of first use.

With iOS 17.4 comes a new way to test iPhone battery status

The introduction takes on even greater value by virtue of a new test carried out by Apple on all iPhone 15 models.

According to the Cupertino company, the batteries of the devices have an enviable wear resistance. In the tests, in fact, it would have been confirmed as later 1,000 charging cycles and related discharges, the iPhone 15 batteries would still maintain their80% of their ability.

The tests involved the models iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro e 15 Pro Max and, in this sense, the tests have shown that the iPhone is potentially the best choice for anyone who has battery longevity as a priority.

As widely expected, the innovations related to iOS 17.4 are not only related to batteries. By virtue of the Digital Markets Act, which will soon be active within the EU, Apple has equipped its operating system with a function that makes iPhones open to third-party stores.

This represents an epochal change for the Apple ecosystem, whose “closure” to the outside world has long been a hallmark.

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