iOS 17.5, here are the main new features released by Apple

Less than a month before the highly anticipated WWDC 2024dove Apple will preview the new one iOS 18 and the many features based on artificial intelligenceis available to all iPhone compatible iOS 17.5.

Even though it is a minor update, it is hopelessly close iOS 17 at the end of its life cycle, there are many new features put on the table by the Cupertino giant and, in addition to the classic bug fixes reported by users, an update of the app also arrives News, recognition of unknown trackers and so on. Let’s find out more.

iOS 17.5, what’s new in the update

The first fundamental innovation (available for devices with iOS 14.5 onwards) concerns the tracking via unknown trackers.

In summary, if your smartphone detects an unknown Bluetooth accessory nearby (such as a AirTagfor example) that can use the function Find my devicewill send a notification to the user to alert him of this and warn him of potential violations of his privacy.

The function, as is well known, was developed in collaboration with Google and it is cross-platform, so it applies to any Bluetooth tracker and is also compatible with Android 6.0 and later versions.

The update also led to a widget per Podcast revamped, which the user can add to the Home or Lock screen and which can adapt based on the color and graphics of the background.

Another highly anticipated feature is the option State of repair which encrypts your iPhone when it is sent for assistance so as to hide all the contents of the device, while still making it accessible to technicians who can repair it in total autonomy.

Finally the latest news concerns Apple News Plus (which costs 12.99 dollars a month and is not yet available in Europe), with the Cupertino giant having added other services to access news and games even without an internet connection, with the possibility of downloading the content in object on your smartphone. Also in the update are new games available to use with the application.

How to install iOS 17.5

As mentioned several times, every time Apple releases a new version of iOSall compatible devices they will receive the notification immediately of the new release to be installed.

Before proceeding with the update it is always better to have at least 50% battery or, alternatively, connect your iPhone to the electricity grid before continuing with the operations.

Likewise, Apple also suggests use a WiFi network, so as to have a stable and reliable connection and, above all, to continue with the download without using data traffic.

If the update is not performed automatically you can go to the System settingstap on the tab General and then up Software update.

If the package is already present just select the option Install now and wait for the device to complete the update procedure.

Please remember that the diffusion of new versions of iOS occurs gradually, so if the package is not yet available for download it is always advisable wait a few days before contacting Apple customer support.

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