iOS 17, a problem slows down iPhones: an update is ready

The new update released by has not gone unnoticed Apple regarding its basic iPhone operating system. The main purpose of iOS 17.0.3 is to correct a problem that risked destroying the great hype surrounding the new iPhone 15 series.

As everyone has learned, there were some bugs that caused the overheating of the devices. All this happened especially when using some very specific applications, including Instagram.

Currently, however, users seem to be satisfied with what has been implemented by the Cupertino giant, as their smartphones no longer heat up so much. However, the situation seems to still be quite agitated, as a new problem has arisen.

iOS 17 still plagued by problems, slowdowns on Wi-Fi have been reported

According to what emerged from some reports, users in possession of the new iPhone 15 series would have encountered a very particular situation. Taking advantage of the connection Wi-Fiin some cases, the contents would not load, with the operating system responding with dei slowdowns significant.

The problem seems to disappear in a few minutes according to what was reported by the users themselves. Others report having solved the problem in several cases by disabling Wi-Fi and reactivating it immediately afterwards.

Multiple people have reported finding themselves in a very strange solution: the Wi-Fi actually disconnects every 45 seconds. The strange thing is that the iPhone will continue to report that it is connected until you go to the settings. It will be here that, when updating, you will realize that you have no Internet connection. This is most likely a problem affecting iOS 17.

The public therefore complains about various problems, perhaps not all as important as the latter, but significant on smartphones that cost so much. Apple will not hold back from rolling out new updates to put an end to the complaints and problems.


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