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iOS 17, all features

IOS 17 and the major update 2023 of iOS: Apple’s proprietary operating system. Pending a definitive release date, it is possible to enter into the merits of the more interesting news showcased at the latest international developer conference.

And NameDrop to the new Live Voicemailyes Point and speak to the substantial improvement of Siri. Without forgetting the features dedicated to people with disabilities.

iOS 17 is scheduled for September 2023 and Apple has already released one list of compatible iPhones. At the same time he announced made known the iPhones that will stop receiving support and updates.

  • 1. What is iOS 17, when it comes out and which iPhones are compatible

    IOS is the operating system developed by Apple for its mobile devices. Was introduced in June 2007 together withFirst generation iPhones. IOS has been developed and improved over the years, remaining installed by default in all iPhones on the market. Today is second most popular mobile operating system internationally.

    IOS 17 is the major release of the iOS operating system announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 of Apple. We can talk about major release in case the update brings with it a considerable evolution compared to the previous software.

    IOS 17 promises very interesting news, both in terms of performancehow much in terms of functionality. A real one hasn’t been revealed yet release date of the update.

    But insiders believe that Apple’s new operating system will be shown to the world towards the mid-September 2023. The same period in which it should be presented iPhone 15.

    In the meantime, however, Apple has released an official list that contains all iPhones compatible with iOS 17. The operating system can be installed on all devices later than iPhone 11but also up iPhone XR, iPhone XS e iPhone XS Max.

    It’s not that anyway all models above are actually capable of enjoy all the features of the operating system.

    Simultaneously with the release of iOS 17, Apple will permanently discontinue support for the following iPhone models: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X.

  • 2. The coolest features of iOS 17

    One of What’s new in iOS 17 that have most attracted the attention of users is called NameDrop. A feature that allows Apple users to exchange contacts at a speed never seen before.

    With NameDrop that will be enough bring two Apple devices closer together to share your phonebook contacts. The feature will be available for iPhones with iOS 17 operating systembut also for the Apple Watch starting from Series 6.

    There is also great anticipation for the new Live Voicemailconsidering that with iOS 17 users will see a real one real-time transcription of voice messages left in the secretariat.

    This feature is technically possible for all compatible iPhones with the update, but for now it will be rendered available only in Canada and the United States.

    With iOS 17, Apple revolutionises Siri to such an extent that several experts have no difficulty talking about absolute novelty. Meanwhile, for the first time users will be able to interact with the voice assistant without speaking the now famous phrase: “Hey, Siri”.

    Plus Siri will finally be able to transpose several consecutive instructions. This means that the user can ask the software to to send a messagebut also of remind him of an appointment.

    At first, the new ones iOS 17 features related to Siri they will be available only in English. To date the only ones AirPods compatible with integration are i Second generation pros.

    Finally, space for a novelty that improves the user experience of people with visual impairments. With iOS 17, users will be able to use the Point and talk featurethanks to which iPhone will automatically read all the texts it detects on objects seen with the camera.

    However, to take advantage of Punta e parla it is necessary to have one available an iPhone equipped with a LIDAR scanner. A feature present on iPhone 12 Pro and later Pro models.

  • 3. More iOS 17 news

    Some of the most interesting news of iOS 17 concern FaceTime. Apple’s application for chats, calls and video calls via the web is heavily improved: meanwhile in terms of communication with TV OS and Apple TV. But also with the possibility of create fun three-dimensional reactions during a call by waving your hands.

    Remaining on the subject of integration, it is also worth talking about the innovations that more closely concern the world of AirPods. Meanwhile, iOS 17 introduces the adaptive sound mode: Kind of a middle ground between mode noise cancellation and the mode transparency.

    Also with the major release Apple wireless earphones will be able to connect much faster between different devices: for example, they will be able to automatically switch from an iPhone to a Mac and vice versa.

    Also renewed sleep (or standby) modewith gods additional widgets which can be viewed by placing theiPhone horizontally while charging.

    This feature is available for all updated iPhones. At the same time only iPhone 14 Pro e iPhone 14 Pro Max they will be able to make widget information always available, because of the schermo always-on.

    In the end iOS 17 it includes important improvements also regarding the auto-correct feature. On the one hand Apple has enhanced the machine learning system on-device, on the other it introduces real ones predictive suggestions.

    This means that the operating system will be able to understand what the user wants to write and that he will offer him some complete sentences even before they are typed on the smartphone keyboard.

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