iOS 17, the next update could improve battery life

iOS 17, the next update could improve battery life

With the official arrival of the new iPhone 15, the new version of the operating system has also arrived Apple. iOS 17after the previews that then introduced the beta program for developers, made its official debut, recording millions of downloads.

In fact, more users downloaded the new release onto their mobile device, which however would have affected the tests in reference to battery of iPhones. Although in recent years Cupertino smartphones have been among the best in terms of battery life, iOS 17 would have made the devices a little more energy-intensive.

The data regarding autonomy have been slightly improved by the new software versions released, namely 17.0.1 and the 17.0.2. However, the scores are still lower than the level that users noticed after the release of iOS 16.

iOS 17, the new update arrives that will improve batteries

iPhone battery test scores may improve clearly with the next iOS 17 update. This should in fact help eliminate a bug which primarily causes the overheating of the new iPhone 15 series and secondly, consequently, to improve performance in terms of autonomy.

In short, the update that Apple promised concerns first and foremost the new smartphones, accused of heating up a little too much. Since it is assumed that a phone that generates excess heat usually also drains the battery excessively, there is a possibility that the new version of iOS 17 will improve battery life on all models.

Unfortunately this situation has been going on for a few weeks, since the first reports. In fact, more users reported that their new iPhones ran a little too hot compared to expectations. All this manifests itself above all during the use of Instagram, which would in turn solve the problem, and also during common stress usage. However, the problem appears to be being resolved.

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