iOS 18, all the new Apple Intelligence AI features

L’artificial intelligence Of Apple it’s finally official and in the course of WWDC 2024 the Cupertino giant presented its own Apple Intelligencea technology deeply integrated within the new operating systems (iOS 18, iPadOS 18 e macOS Sequoia) and in the various applications on board the famous Apple’s devices.

For some time now on the web, rumors have been referring to one (almost) completely on-device solutionand it was exactly like that, with Apple guaranteeing the processing of the various requests (or at least a good part of them) directly on the device and therefore without having to resort to external servers. Let’s find out what it is.

Apple Intelligence, what it is and how it works

According to Apple’s statements, its AI technology will be able to understand the natural language and will be able to help the user in carrying out various tasks.

Among the first features presented at WWDC 2024, there are the writing instruments which are, obviously, integrated within the operating system and can interface with Mail, Notes, Safari, Pages, Keynote and with several third-party apps.

With this tool, users will have a series of very useful tools available to help them writing or in the reworking of texts; furthermore this technology will also be able to light and understand the imagesthe actions and all the various operations related to the use of the device, so as to adapt perfectly to everyone’s needs.

To give a practical example, above Mail this powerful tool will be able to identify the content of emails e automatically generate responses coherent, analyzing the body of the messages, the attachments, any requests and everything that may be needed to guarantee a complete response in line with what was requested.

Always starting from the text, the AI ​​will also be able to create a custom image and to do so you won’t even have to exit the various applications and, for example, you can send a photo created specifically by simply asking iMessage (powered by AI) to create and send it. Ditto for them Genmoji which allow you to easily create custom emojis.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the enormous potential of Apple Intelligence which, being fully integrated into the device, will be able to access all user’s personal information and use them to guarantee the best possible experience and, clearly, without sharing such data elsewhere.

But the real gem of these AI features concerns Siri which becomes even more powerful and will be able to use practically any application (system or otherwise) present on the phone. Even the voice assistant will be able to analyze images ed extrapolate any data to be used in the most disparate contexts, such as compilation on the web.

As already anticipated by the rumors on the web, partnerships with external companies, such as OpenAI which “granted” Apple its ChatGPT-4o to integrate it into Siri.

By doing so, users will also be able to access the chatbot’s services without creating an account and in a manner totally free directly from the voice assistant.

Furthermore, the various requests they will not be recorded outside the smartphone and who already owns it subscription version of ChatGPT you will also be able to access all the additional features.

In this sense, it will be possible ask the chatbot any questionsfrom those on any type of file or document on the device (or in the cloud) and up to web searches.

Besides ChatGPT, using the function Composewill also become an ally for writing content, giving suggestions to the user and helping him complete any type of task.

Which devices will receive Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence will be officially available on iOS 18, iPadOS 18 e macOS Sequoia and, according to the Cupertino giant’s declarations, in the future compatibility with other AI models will also be guaranteed, it is therefore not excluded that users can choose the technology to use by switching, for example, from ChatGPT a Google Gemini.

At the moment, we know that these tools will come exclusively to iPhone 15 Pro e Pro Max, iPad e Mac with at least one M1 processor and, of course, subsequent versions. The features will then be integrated into future ones iPhone 16 and all other Apple-branded devices coming out soon.

As for the official release, we know that Apple Intelligence is coming over the next few years months but only in English and will be in beta. More languages ​​will be available by the end of 2024.

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