iOS 18, Apple and OpenAI together for new AI features

As widely anticipated by rumors on the web, Apple will officially present the new features related toartificial intelligence during Worldwide Developers Conference 2024 (WWDC 2024).

During the event, the new features coming with should be central iOS 18 and with the new ones iPhone 16 which will mark the entry of the Cupertino giant into the AI ​​sector, effectively catching up with the competition that is already quite ahead in the field.

Also, second Mark Gurman Of BloombergApple would have greatly intensified talks with OpenAIand this suggests that the two companies are collaborating in some way, perhaps to bring some version of ChatGPT on the technology giant’s devices.

Apple and OpenAI, what we know about the agreements

According to rumors on the web, for several months Apple has been talking with various companies that deal with artificial intelligence, trying to build a partnership to bring AI functions to the famous Apple’s next products.

It is not yet clear what the terms of the agreement are but OpenAI is among the companies that have had the greatest number of talks with the Cupertino company in the last period.

From what we read on the web, there would be several things at stake: on the one hand an on-device artificial intelligence (specially developed by Apple) which should guarantee users a high level of privacy and which could only be intended for the next top of the range, which will be equipped with a processor A18 Bionic which should also have a Neural Engine updated, intended precisely to improve related performance to artificial intelligence.

On the other an AI in cloud which, instead, could be intended for older devices (but still compatible with iOS 18) and which would not have the requirements for Apple’s proprietary project and will therefore have to rely on a third-party solution, perhaps a “custom version” of ChatGPT.

Other rumors, however, speak of a series of meetings between the famous apple and Googlewhich could result in the arrival of a version of Google Gemini intended for iPhones.

Finally, according to what was shared by Mashableit seems that Apple researchers are working on an AI update dedicated to Siri which should significantly improve the potential of the voice assistant and make it compatible with a new LLM (developed directly by Apple) which should make dialogue with users and understanding what is happening on the screen much more effective.

This novelty could be a fundamental part of the discussion of on-device AI and, given that Siri is also present on older iPhones, Apple could be working on an in-cloud solution to bring to all its users, even those who they will not have access to the potential of a iPhone 16.

Apple’s future plans

As said at the beginning, here we are moving exclusively in the hypothetical period and none of the things said up to this point have been confirmed by Apple.

To find out more, therefore, and see whether this information is confirmed or not, we will have to wait until next June, when during the WWDC 2024the Cupertino giant will finally reveal to the world its progress in the field of artificial intelligence.

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