iOS 18, how the Notes app changes with the new update

There is less and less to go Apple Developer Conference 2024 where the Cupertino company, among other things, will show the world the new iOS18 and, with good possibilities, the new features based onartificial intelligence inside.

An epochal change for the technology giant which, according to Mark Gurman Of Bloombergrepresents a real upheaval for the operating system.

Naturally there is no confirmation on this yet but, according to rumors on the web, one of the most important changes will concern the app Note. Here’s what we know.

iOS 18, how the Notes app changes

According to a report leaked online in the last few hours, iOS 18 will allow owners to iPhone Of record voice memos directly in the Notes app, with the possibility of embedding these audios into the notes themselves.

At the moment, audio recordings can already be copied from the app Memo vowels and inserted in Notes, but from the next version of the operating system this step should no longer be necessary.

According to rumors on the web, it also seems that Apple is working on support for viewing the mathematical notation on iOS 18, this means users should be able to add different types of mathematical equations directly to notes.

Here too, no confirmation but it is safe to assume that this functionality will be integrated with the app Calculator, although it is not yet clear how. Additionally, the Calculator itself would be redesigned from the ground up, getting a new look and some innovative features.

What else do we know about iOS 18

As mentioned at the beginning, Apple will show the world iOS 18 during the WWDC 2024, scheduled from June 10th to 14th. The update should, however, be released in September to coincide with the release of the next ones iPhone 16.

From what we know, the use of artificial intelligence will be central, with Apple intending to use a hybrid proprietary model, half on-device and half on-cloud, to enhance the various functions of its smartphones and guarantee users a very high level of privacy.

From what we read on the web, the Cupertino giant intends to integrate AI into all system applications and third-party ones, via an updated version of Sirienhanced by this new technology.

This should give the famous voice assistant much more freedom of device management it’s a greater automation of the various processes to which it has access.

It also appears that AI will power the app as well Shortcuts making automation even more efficient and even more customizable.

Finally, iOS 18 should also give users greater freedom in terms of interface customization, with the possibility of better managing and organizing their device, thus approaching the freedoms offered by Android.

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