iOS 18, messages arrive via satellite: here’s which iPhones

iOS 18, messages arrive via satellite: here's which iPhones

The latest version of Apple’s operating system, that is iOS 18 launched last night, will finally bring support Rich Communication Services (RCS) to your app Messages this fall. The Cupertino giant made everything official during the conference WWDC 2024 held yesterday. This move, which users have been waiting for for some time, promises to improve cross-platform messaging between devices iOS e Android.

Until now, communication between iOS and Android users has been hindered by the now obsolete SMS protocol. The difference in messaging protocols then led to problems. For example, these included reduced image and video quality, limitations on message length and even the lack of end-to-end encryption in cross-platform conversations. The visual distinction between iMessage’s blue bubbles and SMS’s green bubbles further emphasized this disparity.

RCS support finally arrives with iOS 18: Apple connects to Android via messages

The RCS standard, developed as a modern replacement for the SMS so loved in the past, has been present for some time in Android for all devices. This protocol boasts features such as typing indicators, read receipts, support for longer messages, and high-quality media sharing. It actually mirrors the iMessage experience but is designed to work across different platforms.

Although the pressure from companies like Google and Samsung to adopt the RCS standard may have played a role, what would have led Apple to the decision to introduce this innovation seems to come from the new regulations imposed by theEuropean Union. The choice of timing of the announcement, i.e. in November, which promises RCS support throughout 2024, suggests a thoughtful strategic move aimed at pleasing EU regulators.

There is no specific information on how the service will be implemented but everything is now clear: the RCS standard will arrive with iOS 18.

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