iOS 18: will app icons be customizable?

iOS 18: will app icons be customizable?

The spotlight is on iOS 18 due to the much talked about AI updates. Apple is quite behind the competition (Google, Microsoft, OpenAI) and there is no better opportunity than the imminent one WWDC24 to reveal their cards. But it’s not just artificial intelligence at stake, because, as is obvious, the next major update of the iPhone operating system should also bring with it other types of innovations.

iOS 18, not just AI: the Home Screen will be customizable

As reported by Mark Gurman in his newsletter Power Onwith the next version of iOS users will have the ability to customize your home screen more of your smartphone. Besides being able to freely position app iconstherefore without having to take into account the fixed grid, they will also be able to touch them up.

Nothing so innovative or so useful for practical attack, of course. For example, a simple hack like creating Single Action Shortcuts that launch a certain application already allows you to do so.

However, with iOS 18 this should become a function fully supported and easy to use even for those who have little experience with shortcuts or similar solutions. We will then have to understand how deep the customization will be. Will the user be able to choose any image? Or they can just change the colors while maintaining the original app symbol? Gurman did not provide any details on the matter, so we will have to wait until June 10th to find out the truth.

iOS 18 Concept UI

June 10th is the day of the keynote of the WWDC24an event during which Apple will present iOS 18, but also the major updates of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, HomePodOS and – perhaps – visionOS.

Regarding the aforementioned AI functions, such as the one for generating emojis, it is said that these could be announced with a particular label (perhaps “Beta”, perhaps “Preview”) to underline the fact that are not yet complete.

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