iOS 18 with a renewed design and new devices on Apple’s agenda

iOS 18 with a renewed design and new devices on Apple's agenda

The spotlight is on WWDC24 which, barring surprises, will be held in June in Cupertino. At the annual Apple software event he will also present iOS 18, an update that should bring with it important innovations related (also) to artificial intelligence. But that is not all.

Based on what was reported by Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg, the Californian company is working on a redesign of both iOS and macOS. For the journalist, however, users should not expect drastic visual changes as in the transition from iOS 6 to iOS 7. «Apple is actually working to update the design of iOS already this year, but I don’t think it will be a total overhaul that reflects visionOS», scrive Gurman (via 9to5mac).

Apple expert talks about visionOS because it is since the presentation of the Vision Pro viewer that many users are wondering whether aesthetic renovations are in the company’s plans to make more homogeneous the set of its operating systems (iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS). We talk about three-dimensional buttons, plays of transparency and so on.

VisionOS at least, it is reasonable to expect some purely aesthetic innovations. In fact, iOS hasn’t received a restyling for too long now, and the same goes for iPadOS. Moreover, Gurman himself has in the past described iOS 18 as an “ambitious” updatewith important innovations both in terms of functionality (mainly AI) and design.

Not just iOS 18: Apple is working on new devices, including a smart display

In his newsletter Power OnMark Gurman also provides some details about his plans about Apple new products. According to the journalist, the Cupertino company is evaluating various ideas, such as smart glasses like the Meta Ray-Bans, or a smart ring, like the one from Samsung now in the pipeline

Apple Smart Display - Concept

There would also be one in the list of potential new devices smart display. To give you an idea, it could be a sort of mix between HomePod and iPad for a result similar toAmazon’s Echo Show 10. However, the ideas in this regard are not yet clear, so it is almost impossible (or almost) that this device could see the light as early as 2024.

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