iPad Air 2024: the new 12.9″ model will not have the mini-LED display

iPad Air 2024: the new 12.9 model

The presentation event of the new ones iPad 2024 from Apple is official. Next May 7th the curtain will rise and let the public take a look at the company’s new tablets, among which the new Pro tablets will stand out above all 12,9″ and also an Air model of the same width.

During the last few hours some rumors have filtered in on the matter, with some indiscretions that could please the waiting public. According to what has been reported, the iPad Air is expected it will not adopt a mini-LED display, but it will remain with its LCD panel. The blame seems to be placed on the high production costs of mini-LED.

iPad Air 2024, no mini-LED: users had hoped for it

Just a few days ago some rumors from a usually very reliable source hinted that Apple could use mini-LED displays remained in stock. In short, those not used for the latest generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro (2022) could have ended up on the rumored 12.9-inch iPad Air arriving in less than two weeks. It would certainly have been a big improvement in terms of display quality compared to the current iPad Air model, but apparently everything will end in nothing.

Mini-LED and LCD are both very high-performance display technologies, but mini-LED offers some significant improvements compared to the traditional LCD. For example, the mini-LED is made up of many more extremely small LEDs which make the backlight superior.

These LEDs are able to dim their brightness in different areas of the screen. This allows you to benefit from superior contrast, with dark areas appearing much deeper and neri which appear more realistic. From here it follows that the use of this technology would have resulted in a good update.

Nothing precludes the arrival of a twist, but by now the distinctive features of the new 2024 iPad series seem more than outlined.

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