iPad Pro M4: Some users notice a grainy texture on the display

iPad Pro M4: Some users notice a grainy texture on the display

These are important days for Apple and for all those users who have decided to buy the new one immediately iPad Pro M4. Presented on May 7, during the event Let Loosethe latest generation tablet has only been available for purchase for a few days but, apparently, some users have already noticed some anomalies on the display.

Do M4 iPad Pros have faulty displays?

The reports can all be found and consulted on Redditas reported in the in-depth analysis of MacRumors. Based on what we read, some users would notice a grainy texture on the display (only models with standard glass, ed.), more visible in dark environments and with the display at medium-low brightness. The effect, which would be more apparent on gray or muted backgrounds, has been compared to that of a photo taken at a high ISO setting that has visual noise.

Here is an example:

iPad Pro M4 - Grainy display

But is it really a flaw or could there be another explanation? It is not possible to say for sure, but it may happen that OLED displays show these “specks” due to factors related to the design and production processes. Furthermore, individual sub-pixels can vary in size and shape, thus contributing to this sort of irregular grainy structure.

OLED displays also control brightness at the individual pixel level and power management could result in changes small variations in brightness on the screen. This phenomenon could present itself as a grainy effect, especially in low light conditions. The same anomaly was also recorded on some displays of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the latest generation smartphone.

iPad Pro M4

As for the suppliers of the iPad Pro M4 panels, Samsung deals with the 11″ displays, LG Display instead of the 13″ ones. According to a March report, the South Korean company encountered some problems during production and would not have been able to meet Apple’s demand. The latter then decided to transfer some orders of the 11″ panel to LG Display.

At the moment the largest number of reports concerns the 11″ model, but there are also two relating to the 13″ tablet. Given this, it is not possible to determine whether the potential defect described above is due to a specific supplier.

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