iPad Pro M4: why everyone is talking about the commercial rather than the new tablet

iPad Pro M4: why everyone is talking about the commercial rather than the new tablet

The event Let Loose streamed on May 7 was organized by Apple to showcase its latest news on iPad (but there was also no shortage of accessories and, above all, a new generation processor). The most talked about new entry is theiPad Pro M4, a tablet with an innovative Tandem OLED display and extraordinary performance even when AI functions are used. It is a device designed primarily for creatives, for professionals as illustrators, musicians and directors. But then why is there so much talk these days about a secondary element like this spot made by Apple for its presentation?

Apple’s advert for iPad Pro M4 at the center of the storm

The commercial in question is titled Crush! and shows a huge press crush and destroy tools and accessories that many people, even for professional purposes, use every day: musical instruments, books, computers, cameras and so on. When the press lifts, the new made-in-Cupertino tablet is shown.

The purpose of the commercial is to show how the new iPad Pro M4 is an incredibly versatile tablet which can be used to create works of art, films, music and so on. A thin, light, highly portable tablet that can unleash its power anywhere, at home or on the train.

But the video was heavily criticized by numerous users, including professionals in the artistic sector. In summary, the Cupertino company is criticized because with this commercial it does nothing but represent the destruction of art in favor of a colder technological device.

The movie star also made a comment Hugh Grantwho “replyed” on X to Tim Cook’s post, writing that that video shows “the destruction of the human experience”.

Variety instead it contains the commentary of the producer, director and writer Asif Kapadia (Academy Award 2006):

I don’t understand how anyone thought this commercial was a good idea. It is the truest metaphor of what technology companies are doing to art, to artists, to musicians, to creators, to writers, to directors: squeezing them, using them, not paying them well, appropriating everything and saying that it is all created by They.

Neither Tim Cook nor other executives have so far responded to the criticism.

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