iPad Pro with OLED screen and M4 chip, here are the new Apple tablets

The event Let Loose Of Appleas anticipated by many rumors on the web, has finally revealed the new ones iPad Pro con screen’s OLED available in version from 11 and 13 inches.

This update of the famous tablet brings great innovations to its reference segment, also obtaining a new and highly anticipated chip M4remarkably more powerful than in the past and ready to welcome functionality based onartificial intelligence which the Cupertino giant is working on.

How the iPad Pro with OLED screen is made

As anticipated, the first of the big new features of this iPad Pro is, obviously, the display OLEDmade (probably by LG Display) with a technology that Apple calls Tandem OLEDwhich consists of two overlapping panels designed to work together, “in tandem” indeed.

This screen stands out for one peak brightness reaching 1,600 nits and for excellent color renderingobtained through a technology that the Cupertino giant identifies as a display Ultra Retina XDR.

The other big news is the chip M4presented at the event and which was created with a second generation 3 nm production process.

The CPU It has 10 cores, of which 4 are performance and 6 are high efficiency. From the first indications provided by Apple it seems that the new chip is 1.5 times faster than all’M2.

Same goes for la GPU 10 core which incorporates the architecture already seen on chip M3 and allows users to use the Dynamic Caching function and hardware acceleration for the ray tracing which for the first time arrives on board an iPad. According to Apple’s statements, the GPU is up to 4 times faster than that of the M2.

In addition to this, the new M4 chip also ensures a energy consumption significantly reduced compared to the previous model with the same performance.

The jewel in the crown, however, is a Neural Engine faster than in the past and which will make the use of the devices much more immediate AI functionality. With this chip, therefore, Apple officially opens the way to artificial intelligence for its products.

The RAM is not made explicit, as usual, but we know that the tablet is available with four cuts of memory: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB.

Obviously iPad Pro arrived on the market with one High-performance USB-C portcan support Thunderbolt3 e USB 4for connections up to 40 Gbps or to be used to connect an external monitor to the tablet.

Connections, however, include Wi-Fi 6E or alternatively, for supported versions, too it 5G but only via eSIM.

Alongside the tablet, Apple also presented various accessories (which clearly must be purchased separately), among these we find the Apple Pencil Prothe Smart Folio case and the new one Magic Keyboarddeveloped specifically for the iPad Pro which also gets a haptic trackpad very similar to that of the MacBook, useful for transforming this tablet into a real notebook.

iPad Pro 2024, how much does it cost

All new iPad Pro updated to 2024 they can already be ordered on the official website. For the version with an 11-inch screen we start from 1.219 euro for the 256 GB model, 1.469 euro for 512GB, 1.949 euro for cutting 1TB memory e 2.429 euro for the 2TB one.

For the 13-inch version you have to spend 1.569 euro for 256GB, 1.819 euro for 512GB, 2.299 euro for 1TB and well 2.779 euro for the model with 2 TB of memory.

To purchase the version instead WiFi+5G to these prices just listed others must be added 250 euro.

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