iPhone 14 and 15, use batteries that wear out more quickly

After the launch of the new ones iPhone 15, the various teardowns have begun, disassembly operations that serve to verify what Apple has actually inserted inside. In the meantime it must be remembered that a few months ago there was a bit of a stir regarding the drums of the iPhone 14 range.

Some reports have stated that more people have noticed a much faster degradation of their smartphone’s battery. This happened unexpectedly, as previous versions showed more gradual and not so clear battery wear.

Obviously it must be stated that it is normal for him lithium ions they age over time, but what was surprising was how quickly the battery percentage dropped week after week. During the last hours, more theories would have been developed by some analysts who would have analyzed the situation in depth.

iPhone 14 and 15, use less powerful batteries which wear out more quickly

Some leakers would have tried to get to the bottom of the aforementioned problem. Some would have stated with some certainty that Apple would have used batteries cheapere per iPhone 14 e iPhone 15.

These would be units with shorter charging cycles than previous variants. However, it must be considered that this is not news that has arrived after official tests and feedback, so it is necessary to tread carefully.

It is also necessary to evaluate other aspects, such as theAlways On display. For the first time with the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, Apple introduced this feature which, by always leaving the screen active, could require greater strain on the battery over time.

Another reason could lie in the brightness: the screens of the new Cupertino smartphones are almost the double brighter than the iPhone 13 range. The fact remains that many people continue to complain, probably being right about what is happening.


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