iPhone 15, how much does it cost to produce Apple's new smartphones

Every year the top of the range smartphones that cross the threshold of the market become more expensive for those who decide to buy them. However, this situation does not only concern the consumer segment, but also the producers. Those responsible for designing and then assembling high-end devices today find themselves incurring costs costs significantly higher in terms of components. This aspect obviously concerns the new series closely iPhone 15.

Apple in fact it would have found it very difficult in recent years to contain costs, also surprising fans with lower prices than usual on the occasion of the latest launch. Lately a Japanese company has been able to study every aspect regarding the costs of the components used.

The cost of the internal elements of the base iPhone 15 has reportedly increased by 16% compared to what we saw with the 14.

iPhone 15, the price of internal components increases: here’s how much it costs Apple

Some data reports that the cost of every single component needed to assemble the new basic iPhone 15 has increased. The price that Apple supports to assemble it is $423.

An increase in 10% also touched on the 15 Plus model, which costs more than its predecessor $523. Moving directly to the 15 Pro Max model instead, here is an increase compared to the 14 Pro Max of 12%, with a cost of components equal to $558.

The fundamental piece, more expensive than the others, is represented by the new chip A17 Pro: the price is $130. The increase in this case is even of 27% compared to the A16 Bionic processor. If you are curious to know how much the new 5x sensor of the 15 Pro Max costs, the answer is 30 dollarsa cost that seems small but represents a 280% increase compared to the lens previously used.

Also the introduction of titanium for the frames it resulted in an increase of 43% of costs for Apple: in fact, the Cupertino company spends for each device 50 dollars. Despite using the same screen, the increase was 10%, a surcharge requested by Samsung which supplies the displays.

Finally, to make a quick comparison with other top of the range products, Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra has a component cost of $469. Google’s Pixel 7 Pro instead would cost $413.

If you are wondering why prices are so high, remember that you have to pay everyone who works there. Machinery, personnel and everything that goes around the production of iPhones costs the company quite a bit.


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