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iPhone 15 Pro camera features to discover

Among the most important qualities that attracted consumers to purchase the iPhone 15 Pro are those that concern the device’s camera, which is highly performing and has numerous features, some of which are more unknown or underestimated. It is a high-end smartphone that allows you to record top-notch content, high resolution and less color deterioration, both for professionals and beginners. For this reason it is particularly loved by content creators and those who usually share videos and images on the web.

To get the best results you need to know all of them iPhone 15 Pro camera features and learn how to make the most of them. Let’s find out.

iPhone 15 Pro, the simplicity of using the camera: the useful buttons

There is no doubt: the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max have excellent features when it comes to the camera. As evidence of this, the work carried out by a photographic and cinematographic equipment company, Tilta, which commissioned a short film shot exclusively with the iPhone 15 Proobtaining excellent results that can be exploited in professional cinema.

This means that anyone who wants to make and publish videos on social networks can record and shoot directly with the device. The camera is very simple to use and this might lead one to suspect a reduced number of features, but this is not the case.

Through the side volume buttons, you can take photos and record, so you don’t have to press on the screen and alter the shot when the phone is positioned horizontally. You will have a firmer and safer grip. To stop recording, simply release the button.

By accessing the settings of Camera, you can choose to use the volume up button for the quick sequence. In this case, holding down the button will take a series of photos.

You can quickly switch between photo and video mode, simply by holding down the button on the screen: recording will be immediate and stops as soon as the button is released. If you want to continue capturing without holding down, just swipe to the right, where a padlock icon is presented.

iPhone 15 Pro, maximum zoom control

With iPhone 15 Pro you can get it maximum zoom control. This can be done by clicking on the zoom icons at the bottom of the screen and adjusting the adjustment wheel that appears at the bottom, until you get the desired result. This disappears as soon as you lift your finger from the screen.

At the top of the screen, regardless of what mode it is in, you may notice other buttons, such as those for turning the flash on or off. Specifically, clicking towards the arrow pointing up in the mode Cinema, you will be able to access the flash, depth and exposure settings. In the mode Photo gives access to those on flash, night mode, Live Photo, styles (standard, intense, bright, warm and cold), aspect ratio, exposure, timer and effects.

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