iPhone 15 Pro has the worst reviews among Apple’s latest tops

iPhone 15 Pro has the worst reviews among Apple's latest tops

The launch of the last ones iPhone 15 has restarted the mobile market in an apparently static period. In fact, like all the months of September Apple has launched its big news, which apparently is not finished yet.

About a month after the actual arrival of Cupertino’s new smartphones on the market, the first in-depth analyzes have arrived. According to a complicated report from PerfectRec, there is a lot to say about the model 15 Pro. According to what has been reported, what would be the object of desire of several users, until now has collected the worst reviews than any other premium iPhone.

iPhone 15 Pro is, according to reviews, the worst of Apple’s premium products

After careful analysis based on approx 690.000 reviews released by users on the web, some very interesting estimates would have emerged. The iPhone 15 Pro would have received a rating of 5 place In the 73% of cases, thus totaling a value slightly lower than the percentage collected by the other top-of-the-range models.

In fact, in recent years both the 13 Pro and 14 Pro models have done better. The first obtained a maximum rating in the84% of cases, while the second, the predecessor of the iPhone 15 Pro, obtained a score of 5 stars in 76% of reviews.

The same decline was recorded by theiPhone 14 during the past year. The base model from Apple’s previous lineup only scored 5 stars in 76% of user-generated reviews. This is a surprising drop from the 80% garnered by the 2021 Model 13.

Returning to the current range, everything could be due to the changes that Apple has decided to make to the 15 and 15 Plus models. In fact, remember that both devices have a sensor to 48 MP and of Dynamic Island. These improvements may have pushed people to have much more attraction towards these models, less expensive and much closer to the “Pro” ideal that has always been supported by the company.

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