iPhone 15 Pro Max, 5G download speed doubles that of the 14 Pro Max

Just over the past few days it has been highlighted as the new iPhone 15 Pro Max has been significantly improved in terms of connection 5G. The first tests conducted by Ookla in the United States would have highlighted great progress.

The real surprise was that the average data download speed with 5G standards measured in relation to this year would have reached very high levels. In fact, we are talking about numbers double compared to the latest top of the range iPhone 14 Pro Max.

More precisely, the figure is well 251,37 Mbps. Compared to the previous model, this is therefore an astonishing result, as the average 5G download data speed for the iPhone 14 Pro Max measured during the second quarter of 2023 was 127,80 Mbps.

iPhone 15 Pro Max clearly beats the 14 Pro Max on average 5G data speeds

The data collected is truly impressive but what makes it all quite unexpected is that Apple’s new smartphone series uses the modem Snapdragon X70 5G. Qualcomm’s data regarding this chip speaks of an increase in speed equal to 24% compared to the “old” Snapdragon X65 5G that the iPhone 14 were equipped with in 2022.

It is therefore surprising that the report from the latest tests shows an increase in average speed equal to 100% more. This improvement in 5G data could be the result of something very simple: the influence of the new chip A17 Pro developed by Apple.

In the aforementioned tests conducted by Ookla, the 15 and 15 Plus models, which do not have the new processor, were not taken into consideration. Furthermore, the improvement of infrastructure by operators during the last year. Basically, however, great credit must be given to the technology found inside the new absolute top from Apple. In fact, he is receiving many awards around the world.


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