iPhone 15 Pro Max the real protagonist of the Apple event

On social networks (mainly X) there is no shortage of reactions to it special Apple event during which the new MacBook Pro and iMac were presented with processore M3. Many comments concern a detail that many may have missed, namely that the entire event was recorded with an iPhone 15 Pro Max.

iPhone 15 Pro Max: the camera-phone used to record the Apple Halloween event

Even the Cupertino company’s detractors will agree that the result is truly extraordinary. The device presented only in September shows itself for what it is, that is, a camera-phone which can be used to create quality content, of professional level.

iPhone 15 Pro Max is the main protagonist, being the device with which everything is recorded, but – as the behind the scenes available on the YouTube channel from the tech company (even if “it is not listed”) – it is well supported by accessories and above all by the work of professionals who gave their decisive contribution during and after the filming of the event.

«We recorded everything on an external drive using USB-C and the Apple Log format. You have total freedom, you can define your vision in post-production […] because this new format provides you with more options and greater flexibility», declared the experts behind the scenes.

This isn’t the first time the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been used for a professional video. The device was in fact used for the video of “Get Him Back!”single by the very popular singer Olivia Rodrigo.

Apple took advantage of the event “Scary Fast” to underline once again – and in this case, perhaps, in the best possible way, given the incredible result – how much its new top-of-the-range smartphone is an excellent tool for professionals in the sector.


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