iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Galaxy S23 Ultra, you'd be better off buying a cover

One of the questions everyone asked themselves at the launch of the new ones iPhone, especially in the case of the Pro models, is undoubtedly about resistance. Indeed, how capable are they of resisting any accidental falls and blows? The frame in titanium will it actually be a useful upgrade from this point of view?

As always, one of the most famous YouTubers in this area was thinking about it and wasted no time in trying to destroy the new iPhones. After watching some videos from which users understood that they shouldn’t try to fold smartphones as the rear glass would not resist, there would be some very interesting new results.

The so-called drop test, or resistance tests regarding falls, would have shown unequivocal implications. What happens if we drop an iPhone 15 Pro on the ground? You probably don’t want to know, but there was also a comparison with the Galaxy S23 Ultratop of the range rival.

iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S23 Ultra, you’d better buy a cover

The tests conducted saw the two flagship smartphones from Apple and Samsung first fall on a concrete block on their back cover. From the height of 1 metro the terminals were left on purpose, with the glass of the iPhone 15 Pro Max wasting no time in shattering.

Both smartphones showed visible marks around the camera lenses, which were then removed with the help of a cloth. The second test saw the iPhone fall this time on its edges, not suffering any particular damage and holding up brilliantly.

However, the initial damage to the rear glass continued to worsen with each fall. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra also suffered the same damage, especially in a frontal fall. Drop onto theirs screen, the two flagships saw the panel shatter. Although this is both the display with Face ID and the one with integrated fingerprint scanner they were 100% functional.

The end result sees the iPhone emerge slightly better from this challenge to the massacre. The advice, however, is to equip both smartphones with one coverit could save you from a heart attack.


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