iPhone 15 Pro Max vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: the endurance test

2023 culminated with an absolute leader in the world of smartphones, namely theiPhone 15 Pro Max, the big brother of the three products presented by Apple last September. Soon after, with the arrival of 2024, the first barrels were fired from Samsung who preferred to bring forward his Unpacked event by about a month.

The arrival of Galaxy S24 Ultra, the South Korean company’s top of the range, has put the balance back on its feet, especially regarding the materials chosen. Both smartphones, both the American and Asian ones, are molded on a stainless steel chassis titanium. The aim is twofold: to reduce weight, albeit slightly, and to increase resistance.

At this point the users were waiting for nothing but a great one test precisely on the resistance, which did not take long to arrive.

Clearly there is a very clear discussion to be made in advance: the results of these tests certainly do not make the iPhone or the Galaxy bad smartphones, but it is only a comparison between two absolute flagships. Suffice it to say that during these tests there are often smartphones costing a few hundred euros that seem to resist all sorts of torture.

iPhone 15 Pro Max challenges Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra: video

Over the past few hours, a video has appeared on YouTube that clearly shows resistance tests. The undisputed protagonists are the two: the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Il drop-test (in which you drop your smartphone on the ground) begins with both phones falling onto the back cover, therefore “on their backs”. The result? Both rear windows shattered, with the Galaxy S24 showing the most damage, but it doesn’t matter: in both cases the glass should be replaced. The glass protecting the Samsung cameras also showed weakness so, according to the video, the first round goes to the iPhone.

The second test sees a fall directly onto the frame laterale to test the strength of titanium. In this case the result is a draw, with small dents and nothing else. The third round sees the two top-of-the-range players fall on the screenand here’s the surprise: the Galaxy S24 Ultra, equipped with super resistant glass Gorilla Armor, reported more damage to the display with several cracks. iPhone therefore wins here too.

The latest test saw multiple repeated drops on the screen, with the iPhone shortly after abandoning the race with the display out of order. Even though it was practically destroyed, the Galaxy S24 Ultra continued to work, so here’s a clear victory for Samsung’s product. Finally, do you want some advice? Try not to drop them and rely on good protection.


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