iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most requested model of the range

Rumors and forecasts on the range are circulating with greater insistence iPhone 15 of Apple. And it is certainly not a surprise, given that the presentation event of the new smartphones (four, barring surprises) is scheduled for September. Waiting for official news, the tech community made up of millions of enthusiasts is attracted by the information shared by the most reliable sources in the sector, such as Mark Gurman and Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most requested model, and for a particular reason

Which smartphone will follow in the footsteps of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the best-selling smartphone in the first six months of 2023? It cannot be said with certainty that it will achieve the same goals, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has no doubts that iPhone 15 Pro Max will be the most requested smartphone among the four of the new range.

The analyst published on X (but there are still some nostalgics who call it Twitter) a post which foresees the resounding success of the device that Apple will present – ​​perhaps – on 12 September. The reason? The presence of periscope lensan exclusive that – being such – we will not even see on the younger brother, or the “base” 15 Pro.

iPhone 15 pro max colors colors

Reasoning in percentages, for Kuo iPhone 15 Pro Max it will represent the 35-40% of 2023 series shipmentsan increase by the end of the year of 10-20% compared to the 14 Pro Max over the same period. And all this despite the fact that it is almost certain an increase in list prices which should be around $200.

Exclusive to the Pro Max model

Usually the iPhone Pros of each generation share the same characteristics, except for the diagonal of the display, of course. In this round, however, Apple seems to have decided to diversify its proposal even more, not to be understood, however, as a strategy to bring users to rest their gaze on the Pro Max.

According to Kuo, in fact, it would be a question purely economicof costs: in fact, Apple is told the new lens (supplied by Largan). it will cost about 3-4 times more compared to a 7P lens.


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