iPhone 15, some users will not receive it before November

Pre-order day reserved for new ones iPhone 15 it was last Friday. In Europe, starting from 14users were able to choose their device within the new range, selecting model, color, memory size and other features.

We are therefore approaching the arrival of the first smartphones: day one is in fact scheduled for next year Friday 22 September. However, what worries users is that some shipments have already been postponed until next month November.

A quick analysis of the data shows that the basic patterns 15 e 15 Plus they are still ready to be shipped by September 22nd to those who pre-ordered them. What is worrying, however, is the arrival date of the most requested models: iPhones 15 Pro e Pro Max.

iPhone 15 shipping dates extended to mid-November for some users

After reading the first lines of this article, many will certainly want to make a clarification, but we anticipate them: it’s true, the new iPhone 15 Plus It will arrive slightly late by default. In fact, the increased basic model will be shipped from 2 to 9 October to all users who have placed a pre-order.

Up to this point, however, it’s all calculated by Apple which had already predicted, like last year, that the 6.7-inch model would arrive slightly later.

Returning to the Pro and Pro Max models, the problem seems to mainly concern one color variant: the one in Natural Titanium. This color seems to be the most requested currently, with some users receiving the product from 6 to 13 November. We are therefore talking about a delay of almost two months compared to September 22nd which will instead represent day one.

It must be clarified that there is no difference: regardless of the memory cut chosen, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max will arrive later for many people. Apple was probably already ready for all this, which however cannot be said for the public.


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