iPhone 15, the new images reveal the possible colors

The whole world is waiting for news about the next series of smartphones that Apple will reveal in September. The new lineup iPhone 15 as always, she will be ready to enthuse everyone even if, at least for the moment, there are few certainties.

The rumors have provided some details regarding the technical specifications and some aesthetic lines but nothing more. Today, however, new rumors have arrived that could be reflected in some old rumors.

According to reports, it seems that Apple is working on some colourways very particular that will characterize the new iPhone 15. In fact, new ones have been published on the web Images in render format that would have shown both the Pro and the basic and Plus models in totally new shades.

What would lead such rumors to make sense is the courage shown by Apple in the past. In fact, the company has shown that it focuses on extremely bold and surprising colors with old and current devices.

iPhone 15, the renderings show new unpublished colors

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus colors

As can be seen from the images, the new iPhone 15s could come in colors never seen before. Starting with the models 15 e 15 Plusthe render shows the usual colors Midnight Black e Product Red. Nothing strange so far, except that in the same image the two color variants are flanked by three other completely new ones.

Apparently unlikely but by no means excluded, the three colors Pink, Blue e Starlight. It is not clear whether the latter represents the classic white: it could in fact be a variant in light gray. The Blue coloring instead, would show a decidedly different shade than usual.

iPhone 15 Pro e Pro Max colori

In the case of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro Max, the color that would attract the most attention would undoubtedly be the Deep Red. This choice by Apple would be unprecedented: in fact, no Pro model has come to light in red color since the iPhone 11. However they would come several denials already regarding this possibility.

The picture also shows the presence of the classic colors Space Gray, Silver e Goldseen and revisited also in the previous ranges.


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