iPhone 16, a new button dedicated to a very specific feature

Not even three months have passed since the new iPhone 15 were launched and we are already looking to the future. Many rumors are starting to anticipate what the new range will be iPhone 16.

According to reports, it is expected that series 16 should arrive with several updates regarding the design. 2024 should therefore be the beginning of a new era for Apple, even if many experts would not put their hand in the fire. At least for the moment, however, this seems to be the case.

iPhone 16 with a new button in addition to the Action one

Listening to the Bloomberg expert, there shouldn’t be any major changes compared to the iPhone 15 range. However, one piece of news seems to be certain: the basic models should implement an action button, exactly like the 15 Pro and Pro Max models. In addition to this is the big news: the iPhone 16 Pro variants they will add a completely new button. Yes, one more.

Rumors predict that this mysterious button will be called “Capture Button” or rather “capture button“. The name suggests that it could be a dedicated camera button, with the latest news talking about the possibility of directly capturing video.

This also means another thing: we could see the launch of some new video features with the iPhone 16 series. Otherwise there would be no explanation that could justify Apple’s choice to completely dedicate a button to the camera and videos. At the moment another thing that is not clear concerns the possibility of using other settings for this new button. At least for the moment there are no rumors regarding this eventuality.

As for the rest, the next 16 Pro and Pro Max should have larger displays than the current top of the range. However, these will not be the only news, as Apple is working on something even more sensational than what we saw in September.


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