iPhone 16 and Galaxy S24 compared, the first rendered images on the web

With the end of 2023, some new smartphones have arrived which are now trying in every way to put the top of the range in difficulty Apple e Samsung. While on the one hand the Cupertino company is much more covered in this sense, having presented the new iPhones a few months ago, Samsung is anxiously waiting to reveal its next line-up.

Many rumors have already been the subject of various chatter on the web regarding the new and upcoming ones Galaxy S24, but now the next clash is already taking shape. A bit like what happens in football with the dualism between Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, the world of technology will also see two new ranges facing each other in 2024, launched by the two giants par excellence, Samsung and Apple.

In this regard, a truly interesting clash promises to be made, with products whose dimensions seem to have already been revealed. Based on this, a well-known American site has chosen to reproduce images in very realistic render format. In comparison there are iPhone 16 Pro e 16 Pro Max e Galaxy S24 ed S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 16, this is how they should look next to each otheriPhone 16 and Samsung Galaxy S24 image comparison render 1

Thanks to the collaboration with a 3D drawing artist, PhoneArena created very clear images. In the first, which you can see above, you can see the comparison in terms of dimensions between the Samsung Galaxy S24 and the iPhone 16 Pro. The former should measure 146,3 mm in height, 70,9 mm in width and 7,6 mm in thickness, while the weight should be 168 grams.

The second one will presumably have a height of 149,6 mma width of 71,45 mma thickness of 8,25mm e 194 grams of weight.

iPhone 16 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra image comparison render 1

In the image below, however, here is a comparison of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the iPhone 16 Pro Max. The measurements of the former will be 162,3 mm per 79 mm per 8,6 mmper 233 grams. The iPhone on the other hand will be long 163 mmlargo 77,58 mm and often 8,5 mmfor a weight of 225 grams.

Certainly what is special, in addition to the size, is seeing the next protagonists of 2024 already side by side. For those from Samsung it will be enough to wait until January, while for those from Apple it will be necessary to wait until next September.


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