iPhone 16 changes hardware: it will avoid new overheating problems

The second half of 2023 will go down in history as that of the launch of the new ones iPhone 15, devices now more than widespread around the world. Since the first days, however, there have been many complaints from customers, with several units reportedly presenting a overheating anomalous.

Above all, the 15 Pro and Pro Max devices showed this problem, with various hypotheses resulting from it. Someone first hypothesized that it could be a hardware problem, even blaming the new and high-performance chip A17 Pro.

Others instead claimed that the problem was identifiable in a smaller heat dissipation system compared to previous models and that the new titanium frame had reduced, as well as the weight, the thermal efficiency of the terminal.

Luckily Apple put all these rumors to rest by releasing a simple software update which seems to have solved the problem. There are several possible reasons outlined by the company for this situation, which apparently led users to struggle to hold the smartphone in their hand. Now, however, precautions are already being taken for next year.

iPhone 16, hardware changes arrive to avoid overheating

Although it faced such an extreme situation, the iPhone 15 Pro, together with the 15 Pro Max of course, emerged as one of the best smartphones of 2023. Some say that overheating still happens, but things could change now.

According to what has been reported, problems of this kind will not be repeated next year. A iPhone 16 prototype would have shown hardware changes capable of avoiding the overheating problem.

According to what the sources reported, Apple has decided to switch to a graphene thermal system which will improve thermal conductivity. This material will prove to be more effective than copper. The pro models could also be equipped with a battery with metal shellin order to isolate the heat generated.


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