iPhone 16 Pro: testing a design without Dynamic Island, images

It’s only been two months since the latest Apple iPhone 15 series was presented but several rumors are already doing the rounds regarding the future. In fact, for a couple of weeks there has been insistent talk about the next series of smartphones which will presumably arrive in September 2024. According to the information that has leaked on “X” during the last two weeks, Apple would be testing a new version, represented by theiPhone 16 Pro.

Well, it seems that the giant is ready to sacrifice its Dynamic Island in favor of a new form factor. This would in fact be based on a screen ready to occupy the entire surface with only a single hole at the top of the center.

It should be remembered that Dynamic Island officially arrived with the Pro models of the last iPhone 14 range, and then expanded to all models of the 15 line.

Goodbye to Dynamic Island, Apple prepares the future with iPhone 16 Pro

iPhone 16 Pro goodbye dynamic Island central hole imagesAccording to many it would be too early to say goodbye to a hallmark of the caliber of Dynamic Island. Apple’s desire would in fact be to test the novelty of a single hole at the top of the screen with the new and upcoming iPhone 16 Pro, but with one purpose: to present everything with series 17, in 2025.

In fact, several rumors speak of this as the most plausible hypothesis, as the new smartphones that Apple will launch in 2024 should all have the Dynamic Island. The big news that will concern next year’s iPhones will consist in the increase in the size of the displays of the Pro models, which will respectively and 6.1 by 6.3″ with the Pro models and and 6.7 to 6.9″ with Pro Max models.

Returning to the future, more precisely in 2025, the basic iPhone 17 should have the Dynamic Island, while the Pro and Pro Max models could feature the much rumored hole. The Face ID module will then be implemented under the screen. At the moment, therefore, the tests on the 16 Pro model concern only one test.


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