iPhone 16, the rumors could make you avoid buying the 15

The launch of the new series iPhone 15 on Apple’s part has produced great hype among enthusiast users. The company is in fact slowly making very useful changes to break even with the competition.

The models Pro e Pro Max in fact they will get even closer to the standards of cameras from Samsung and other manufacturers under the wing of Google. In fact, one aspect needs to be clarified: although iPhones are generally among the best camera phones on the market, in terms of zoom the comparison is merciless.

Samsung, for example, is able to beat Apple hands down in this aspect. Adding a camera with one 5x optical zoom reworked with an internal mirror system is the great news.

This new feature, however, is limited only and exclusively to the 15 Pro Max variant. During the last few hours, however, there has been a new leak regarding the camera of the next iPhone 16.

iPhone 16: the rumors concerning it could discredit the purchase of the 15 Pro

Some analysts on the web would have said that the next iPhone 16 Pro it will have a camera equipped with 5x optical zoom, just like the 15 Pro Max. This is excellent news when you wish to have a more powerful zoom without spending more money on the Pro Max.

Therefore, for this reason, users may end up thinking about not buying the new iPhones this year. For many, waiting for the 16 range may make more sense, although something will remain the same.

In fact, analysts report a main sensor from 48 MP, exactly as in the last two years. Therefore, anyone expecting a new 108 or 200 MP sensor as Samsung offers will be disappointed.

One thing is certain: next year, although it will not produce significant innovations, will allow users to have more choice between iPhone models.


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