iPhone 16, these will most likely be the colors

iPhone 16, these will most likely be the colors

The wait surrounding the new ones is becoming more and more anxious iPhone 16 presumably arriving during next September. The new smartphone range from Apple it is attracting a lot of user attention as always happens during this period and everything is focusing around the usual aspects: design, performance and prices.

Some sources very close to the company have recently published some information on what could be the colors available for the upcoming iPhone 16 series. Considering the great reliability of the analyst in question, everything seems to be quite reliable.

iPhone 16: these will be the new colors arriving in September with the 4 variants

According to this report, theiPhone 16 Pro and theiPhone 16 Pro Max will be available in Nero, Bianco (O Argento), Grigio (or natural titanium) e Rosa. The new pink color option would therefore seem designed to replace the blue. The five colors that concern the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are Nero, Verde, Rosa, Blu e Bianco.

iPhone 16, these will most likely be the colors

In the event that the source is right about the colors expected for the new basic iPhones arriving in September, the color white will be ousted. This will in fact be replaced by yellow. The analyst who anticipated the news also reports that Apple could give a different name to the colors used previously, even if they were to be the same. In reality, again as the source reports, some colors that at first glance might have the same name as in other years could be slightly different in tone.

As you can see above, an image of what the iPhone 16 Pro series could look like was also published should the rumors prove to be true. Obviously, since these are rumors, you have to tread carefully as everything could change at any moment. Updates will certainly follow.

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