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iPhone 16, what we know about the design and features

The brand new ones iPhone 15 have just arrived on the market and, while users are still familiarizing themselves with the features of the famous iPhone, Apple is already thinking about the future, starting work for iPhone 16.

And together with the developers of the Cupertino company, the leakers are already at work, setting off in search of the first rumors about the highly coveted device.

Among these there is also the well-known analyst Ming Chi Kuo who in the last few hours has anticipated some rumors about the next Apple phones that should arrive on the market September 2024.

iPhone 16, screen and cameras

The first information about iPhone 16 they talk about one bigger screen compared to previous models.

According to rumors the basic model will keep a display from 6.1 inchesil Plus it should go up to 6.9 inches as well as the Pro Max. Il 16 Proinstead, should have a screen from 6.3 inches.

Thanks to these larger dimensions, Apple is also expected to modify the Dynamic Islandperhaps increasing the space it occupies and its potential.

According to rumors, with a larger screen the company would also have greater freedom of movement for the photographic sectorwith the possibility of equipping the next devices with a telephoto lens with tetraprism lenses.

This technology, already seen for the zoom of iPhone 15 Pro Maxallows you to insert a foldable structure under the lens which, by exploiting the reflection of light, guarantees a greater focal length.

The solution has already been highly appreciated by users and could arrive on the entire iPhone 16 range and not just on the Pro models, effectively bringing a high level zoom also on the basic and Plus models.

Furthermore, by increasing the size of the display Apple could also fit one inside the smartphone larger battery, further improving the autonomy of the devices.

iPhone 16, processor and new features

With the current ones iPhone 15 Pro e Pro Max, we witnessed the advent of the chip A17 Proa processor that guarantees great performance and which, as seen, allows you to use your smartphone as if it were a new generation console.

According to Ming Chi Kuo, iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will have the same processor, while the Pro and Pro Max models will be able to count on the next one A18 which, it is logical to assume, will guarantee even better results.

It cannot be ruled out that this chip will also lead to greater integration between iPhone and Apple Vision ProApple’s innovative AR/VR viewer which will hit the market next year.

The other big news about the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max was the action buttona user-configurable button to assign different functionality to it.

For iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max, Apple intends to replicate this, but also adding a Capture button which should even be capacitive. Its purpose is not yet clear but it could be reserved for the camera or particular features for multimedia content.

Still on the subject of capacitive buttonsafter being excluded from the 15 series, this technology should arrive on the future iPhone, which should say goodbye to physical buttons also leading to a big change in design.

iPhone 16, when it arrives

According to what Ming Chi Kuo shared, the brand new iPhone 16 should be revealed to the world at September 2024as happened with the current iPhone 15.

Alongside it, the new version of the operating system should also debut which, clearly, will replace the current one iOS 17.

The price remains a big unknown. The rumors about the 15 series have mistakenly labeled it as “the most expensive ever”, all rumors denied upon release when, to great amazement, Apple even lowered prices compared to the past.

We don’t know what will happen next year and a lot will depend on the iPhone 16’s specifications and materials but, given this year’s price drop, anything can happen in the future.

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