iPhone 16 will compete with Samsung Galaxy S24 on generative AI

Compared to the past, rumors regarding the world of smartphones tend to alternate much more quickly. Not even time to present a new series of devices, and from the very next day we are talking about the next one that will see the light the following year. The latest line-up of iPhone it’s still fresh but apparently users already have the antennas straight for the next iPhones.

Currently everything would seem to suggest a future characterized by artificial intelligence, more precisely generative intelligence. The company that would be working hard on it would be Samsung, especially for its next one Galaxy S24 Series. In fact, there will be much more sophisticated features than usual and according to reports Apple he wouldn’t want to lose ground.

In this regard, the Cupertino company would have chosen to plan its official entry into the world of generative artificial intelligence. The latest news suggests that the first fruits of Apple’s work could be seen as early as next year with the launch of the iPhone 16.

iPhone 16, the new series will challenge Samsung in the name of generative AI

The companies’ desire is to find that innovation capable of moving the amazement of users. The world of smartphones has been in stasis for a few years and it is for this reason that Apple is thinking of following the same path as Samsung.

In fact, the two companies will battle it out with generative artificial intelligence, with Cupertino’s company reportedly planning to renew its voice assistant Siri.

The next conference WDC 2024 it could be the right place to present a totally improved assistant. This should be the turning point also in light of various shortcomings that Siri shows compared to other vocal assistants on the market.

Apple’s goal is to stay in the wake of Samsung, which plans to amaze with its next Galaxy S24 series.


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