iPhone 17 with great news, the display will be immune to scratches and falls

iPhone 17 with great news, the display will be immune to scratches and falls

This moment, or rather a phase, had already been announced for some time stasi total when it comes to smartphone hardware. This clearly means that useful ideas for showing something new and more performing are currently reduced to the bare bones. However, one of the aspects on which we are trying to work more, having more and more margin, is the resistence. Among the most active companies in this respect, there is Apple with his iPhones.

Precisely in this regard, during the last few hours new rumors have appeared on the web which would concern the Cupertino company. The engineers would be working on the drafts of the new iPhones of the future, putting one objective first: make displays increasingly resistant to scratches.

Apple’s next iPhone 17 will be almost impossible to scratch

Apple has recently made great strides in terms of the durability of its iPhone displays. Thanks to the introduction in 2020 of the new external covering called “Ceramic Shield“, things have improved significantly.

In fact, starting from the iPhone 12, the resistance of the displays to scratches has significantly increased. The most significant advantage, however, concerns the greater resistance to falls. Now iPhones are much less prone to flashes crepe after a disastrous fall.

According to the latest rumors, the next upgrade in terms of screen resistance will be applied not with the iPhone 16 but with the models 17. Various tests to promote greater resistance of the panels have been started in Japan with ultra-innovative technologies.

Precisely looking to the future, sources report big news arriving from 2025 onwards. The new scratch-resistant displays will probably only arrive on models iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max, destined to be presented in September 2025. The rumors speak of a glass with an even more resistant anti-reflective layer. At the moment there are clearly no confirmations but further rumors could arrive to give more meaning to the news.

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