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iPhone and iPad, how to resize or reduce the weight of images

As is well known to all owners of iPhone o di iPad l’editor nell’app Photo It is feature-rich, however it does not allow you to resize photos.

Fortunately, however, there is no shortage of solutions and it is possible use the Shortcuts app o one third-party program to resolve this inconvenience and be able to arrange your photos quickly and easily.

Here’s how to resize or reduce the weight of images on iPhone and iPad.

  • 1. How to create a shortcut to resize images

    To resize or reduce the weight of one or more images from your iPhone or iPad you can use the application Shortcuts.

    This tool, as is well known, allows users to create your own tools to simplify the various processes and speed up all those frequently performed operations.

    To get started, you need to open Shortcuts and from the card My connectionsfare tap on the button+to start creating your own connection.

    At this point you need to select the option Add action and add that shortcut which can be renamed, simply, Resize image.

    Once this is done we need to start customize the commandto do this just tap on the Image button and then on the option Link input.

    By doing so the link will resize any image the user selects.

    Now you can choose the width and height which will have to have the photo resized, by default, the link will resize The image is 640 pixels wide with automatic height.

    Of course you can switch to the option Ask every timeso that the application will ask for the dimensions every time to guarantee greater freedom of use.

    It is advisable not to change the option Automatic heightso that the device automatically adjusts the aspect ratio based on the values ​​you set.

    You can then search for the action Save to photo album in the search bar, so that the shortcut automatically saves the photo as soon as it is processed.

    Once this is done it is possible rename the shortcut (they are a tap Renaming) and even change the default image. Once you’ve decided on the final name, just tap Fine to save the process.

    Before trying the function it is advisable to adjust two other settings: the first is the field Nowhereso that the icon with the new shortcut is not saved and, subsequently, enable the option Show in share sheet and at this point tap on Finish.

  • 2. Resize a photo using the shortcut

    Once the shortcut has been created, you can open an image on your iPhone or iPad that you need to resize.

    First you need to go to thePhotos appOnce you have chosen the image to resize, just do it tap on the Share button and search among the various options for the shortcut you just created.

    Once this is done, all that remains is enter the widthof the image in pixels and tap the Done button.

    The shortcut will resize the image (or images) which will be saved in the album selected when the shortcut was created.

    At this point, taking a large image and resizing it properly is, of course, also possible reduce its weightso that it can be shared more immediately.

  • 3. How to resize a photo using a third-party application

    Although shortcuts can be an excellent tool for users (especially the more experienced ones), it is equally true that this is not an operation suitable for everyone because, especially those less accustomed to certain technology, they may find some difficulty in following the procedure described. above.

    For this reason it is possible to download a third-party application fromApp Store and easily use it to resize or reduce the weight of an image.

    Among the most used of all there is Image Size which has a very simple photo resizing system inside that helps the user to change the resolution and also reduce the size.

    After downloading it from the App Store, just open it and tap the button Photolocated in the top left corner of the screen.

    At this point the app will ask you to access your photo library present on the smartphone and you will need to grant full access to the entire gallery or, which is a little more cumbersome, select only some photos.

    Once you have decided on the type of access, you can consult the library and select the image on which to operate.

    To resize the image you need to go to the section Pixel and then tap on the icon to change the width and height. Before proceeding it is advisable to check that the function for maintain proportions is enabled (it is a chain-shaped button, located at the bottom of the screen).

    Now they can insert the new measurements and wait for the application to show the preview, once ready just click on Salva so that the image is saved in the folder Recent within the Photos app.

    To find the photo with the new dimensions, simply go to the folder just mentioned and look among the latest photos added.

    Clearly within the App Store they are dozens of applications which allow you to resize and reduce the weight of photos and they all work, more or less, in the same way.

    The user will only have to try different ones and then choose the one most in line with their needs or personal taste.

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