iPhone, autonomy will increase thanks to Samsung's new OLED displays

In addition to the camera, screen and all the basic functions of a smartphone, users are also concerned about battery life. Battery life can be improved in several ways, for example by lowering the brightness and paying attention to the processes used, for example. By taking advantage of some new ideas, we now intend to improve the battery life of the next ones iPhone.

Some very knowledgeable sources report that Samsung wants to modify its displays in order to make them more energy efficient. Units OLED that the South Korean giant supplies to Apple for its iPhones could be specially modified. As the rumors report, some would be added blue colored phosphorescent material to the panel, in order to reduce its energy needs.

However, the change should take place no earlier than 2026, therefore with the arrival of the iPhone 18 line.

Samsung ready to modify its OLED display, iPhone batteries will last longer

Technically, the materials used so far by Samsung, green and red, already provide great efficiency. The blue material is already present but it is fluorescent and has an energy efficiency of only 25%. In this regard, by adding a phosphorescent quantity, the scenario should change with a significant increase in efficiency up to 100%.

The innovation should take effect starting from the second half of 2025. Some rumors speak of Samsung’s initial intention to equip its folding smartphones with the new material inside the displays as early as mid-2024 but there would have been some problems in the development.

The set date is therefore equivalent to 2026with the iPhone 18 which will therefore be able to benefit from significantly greater autonomy. At least for the moment, considering the launch of the smartphone range in 2024 and 2025, there should be no significant changes. Several users, on the occasion of the launch of the new iPhone 15, complained of small battery problems.


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