iPhone: in Apple Stores, software update without even opening the package

Very often, when starting a newly purchased iPhone, the user is asked to download the latest available version of iOS. This can also happen with devices just launched on the market: iOS 17.0.1, for example, was distributed by Apple before the launch of the new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, however sold with iOS 17.

Not that this represents any problem, but in certain circumstances it can turn up the nose of those many users who want enjoy your new smartphone right away, without having to wait endless minutes (when the connection is slow). In this regard, Apple may have found the solutiona way to upgrade iPhones before selling them.

Apple would have found a way to update iPhones that are still sealed

Through his newsletter “Power On”, Mark Gurman Of Bloomberg reveals that the Cupertino giant may have developed a system to install the latest version of iOS on its smartphones before the sale and still sealed in the package. Everything would pass through an instrument, a padwhich Apple Store employees should place on top of the iPhone packaging to start the update.

The pad, in a totally wireless way (obviously), would therefore be able to turn on the devicedownload the update, install it and – finally – turn off the smartphone.

iPhone 15 Pro - Packaging

Gurman’s indiscretion only talks about the iPhone, but such a tool can also potentially be used with other Apple devices, such as the iPad, Apple Watch and MacBook.

But when will the rumored new equipment debut? Perhaps before the end of the yearbut confirmations are awaited.


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